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Mika Brzezinski Unleashes On Ted Cruz: ‘Such A Waste Of A Senate Seat’



MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski lashed out at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for not only leaving his constituents to freeze, but for lying about why he did it.

“For some reason this Cancun trip reveals a lot how he feels about his power and his state,” she began. “It’s very Trumpy, very Trumpian. Constituent service is the number one most fulfilling part of a public servant, to be able to help people directly and to be able to, like, solve things for the people of your district or your state.”

“To leave during that time and then to treat your constituents like they are so stupid that they would believe a lie that the kids forced him to go to Cancun and he was just giving them the ride — that’s the first and the second lie,” she continued. “And then the third lie comes out where his wife is texting everybody; they’re having a party there and he’s bringing everyone there. Three lies later, he then comes back and lies about how much he cares about what is happening in Texas. It is painful to see such a waste of a Senate seat.”

Take a look at her remarks below: