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Michigan Man Confronts Armed Militia Members Patrolling Streets On Easter: ‘Get The F-ck Out Of Our Town!



Michigan militia

A video has emerged online showing a man confronting a group of armed right-wing militia members of the Boogaloo Boys who were patrolling the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan in what they called a protest against the militarization of the police.

The footage, posted on Twitter by user @WhatKasperSaid, shows the unidentified resident telling the armed men that they aren’t needed on the street during a pandemic and that they are scaring children.

As they push back at their right to carry weapons, the man shut them up, telling them “You are not the police, you are a militia.”

As the confrontation escalates he finally yells, “They are in charge, not you. Get the f*ck out of our town!”

He added, “Are you guys part of that thing in Washington?” to which the unidentified militia member replied. “No, God no.”

Watch below:

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