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Medical Equipment Expert: ‘I’ve Been A Lifelong Republican And I’m Embarrassed’ By Trump’s Handling Of Pandemic



Mike Bowen, who is the co-owner of Prestige Ameritech, one of the last American mask manufacturers in the country, testified before Congress on Thursday where he claimed to be “embarrassed” by being a Republican after seeing the actions that have been taken by GOP members during this pandemic.

Brown was asked about the treatment Dr. Rick Bright, who was demoted by Donald Trump after prioritizing “science and safety over political expediency.”

Bowen told Congress the following:

“I was watching this in another room. I saw all the Republicans beating up on Dr. Bright. I just want you to know, I’m a Republican, I voted for President Trump, but I believe Dr. Bright.”

Bowen also said, “I’ve been a lifelong Republican and I’m embarrassed” by how Dr. Bright has been treated. He went on to urge people to listen to scientists because we have not been doing that.

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