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Matt Gaetz Fires Off Frantic Tweet Trying To Prove ‘Extortion’ Plot Against Him — It Totally Backfired



Matt Gaetz

In response to The New York Times report that he begged Donald Trump for a blanket pardon during his final week as president, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) frantically posted a photo of text claiming it confirms an extortion plot against him. Gaetz posted the information with a wide-eyed emoji.

According to Washington Examiner reporter Emily Brooks, a screen capture of the text message reveals Bob Kent asked if the Gaetz wanted a way to fix the forthcoming indictment. Brooks also posted a document that deals with the facts for “Project Homecoming,” something the Examiner indicated was the name of the investigation into Gaetz and others six days ago.

“The FBI became aware of compromising pictures, depicting ‘Congressman Gaetz, and an Election Official involved in a ‘sexual orgy with underage prostitutes’, in Maitland, Florida, during an unrelated investigation into political corruption and public integrity in another criminal case,” the document says.

It also states that “subsequent information has resulted in Congressman Gaetz becoming a target of a widening investigation into serious underage sex trafficking, political corruption, public integrity, and other criminal allegations against Congressman Gaetz and others.”

The release of the document prompted many to ask if Gaetz realizes that an extortion plot requires something with which someone can be extorted first.

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