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Marsha Blackburn Drowned In Ridicule Over Absurd Anti-Immigrant Tweet



Marsha Blackburn

Tennessee senator Marsha Blackburn (R) got swept away by a slush of mockery on Tuesday after she tried to attack the Biden administration’s immigration policy by saying that residents of her state wanted a wall on “our” border.

Blackburn was apparently responding to the White House recently announcing the end of a CDC rule allowing DHS agents at the border to turn away migrants seeking asylum due to Covid fears.

However, Tennessee is nowhere near the US’s southern border with Mexico; as such, Blackburn’s insistence that residents in her state supported the construction of a border wall sparked an avalanche of ridicule across social media.

One user wrote: “[t]ell Tennesseans their southern border is with Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, and that neither of three states will pay for that wall.”

“But then people from Alabama won’t be able to come in,” tweeted Journalist Molly Jong-Fast.

Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, replied by writing: “Tennesseeans finally telling Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia what’s what.”

Check Blackburn’s tweet and other responses below:


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