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Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Psychotic Meltdown Over Proposed Rule To Stop Her Absurd Motions On The House Floor



Marjorie Taylor Greene

QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, of Georgia, descended into a raging meltdown as she slammed Rep. David Cicilline as “Rep. Mussolini” after the Italian-American congressman from Rhode Island proposed a rule change to block her from forcing motions to adjourn.

Greene’s rant came after she was asked by Newsweek about a proposed rule change from Cicilline that would only allow a member to make a motion to adjourn if they are a member of a committee.

Last month, the House voted to strip Greene of her committee assignments over her previous endorsement of conspiracy theories and inciting violence against Democratic politicians, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

When the news outlet asked about Cicilline’s proposal, Greene said, “Do you mean Rep. Mussolini?”

“Not only did Democrats unilaterally strip away my committees, now they want to remove any powers I have to represent my district,” she added. “The Democrats run the House of Hypocrites with tyrannical control.”

Cicilline responded to Greene’s comments on Twitter, saying, “I’m an Italian and a Jew. Mussolini was a fascist dictator in league with Adolf Hitler, who murdered six million Jews. Marjorie Taylor Greene can get lost.”

Earlier this year, Cicilline served as a House manager in former President Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial. His proposal came after Greene forced her latest motion to adjourn as the House was voting on final passage of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill. Her motion failed, with 40 Republicans joining Democrats in voting against it.