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Marjorie Taylor Greene Fumes At Republicans For ‘Screwing Her’ By Not ‘Crossing The Line’ As She Does



Marjorie Taylor Greene

GOP Rep. and QAnon evangelist Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed her fellow Republicans, calling them “stupid” for “screwing” her by not “crossing the line” to take on Biden and congressional Democrats.

“The stupid Republicans that just won’t push the line and won’t cross the line and won’t go far enough, because they’re scared!… Because somebody might stand up and challenge them, or someone’s going to write a bad news story, or simply whatever it may be,” ” Greene ranted during an interview on Steve Bannon’s podcast “War Room” on Friday.

Later in the segment, Greene accused her GOP colleagues of “screwing” her for being unwilling to do what she believes is necessary to stop Democrats from governing.

“It’s not the Democrats that are screwing you, it’s our own party,” she fumed. “And that is what happened, just like you said, Steve, after the Tea Party wave back in 2009 and 2010, when we took over and things that were supposed to be better, the Republican Party turned around and failed us!”

She then claimed that she was against the Jan 6 riot and that she is not violent like the Democrats.

“On January 6, while the riot was happening, I was in the chamber, I went in the cloakroom and made a video and put it out on Twitter asking people to stop saying this shouldn’t be happening,” she said. “We’re This is not who we are. We don’t we don’t do riots. We’re not the party of violence, like the Democrats. I said, I never liked it. And I continue to feel that way, she claimed.

She also said that “if the so-called insurrectionists are the ones being persecuted by the United States federal government, taxpaying Christians will be the next target.”

Greene onto whine about being on Congress, declaring: “I don’t want to have anything to do with politics.”

Watch the video below, via YouTube.