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Majority Of Military Service Members To Vote For Biden, New Poll Shows



While history shows Republicans taking the majority of votes among military members, this year might be different. Just four years ago, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton 2-1 among military members. Now, according to a new poll, members of the military favor Joe Biden over Trump.

The Military Times launched a new poll among its members. It found that about half of those surveyed (49.9%) have an unfavorable view of Trump, including 42% who view him very unfavorably.

Just four years ago, Trump’s favorable ratings among military service members was at 46.1%. Now, that number is at 37.8%.

If that’s not bad enough for Trump, Biden is more popular among those surveyed.

According to the poll, 37.4% will vote for Trump while 41.3%, close to half, are voting for Biden.

You can read the full polling numbers HERE.

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