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Georgia Evangelicals Denounce Trump, Vow Not To Vote For Him Again



Donald Trump has lost support from two Georgia evangelicals after his hateful rhetoric drew them away.

Writing for The Hill, Georgia voters Ryan and Katharine Hurlburt condemned the president, whom they say has gone against their Christian values with his harsh treatment of migrants.

“His immigration policies have proven harmful and cruel, undercutting his stated commitments to life and religious freedom,” they write. “For instance, while we cherish unborn lives, we equally value the lives of thousands of children who were separated from their mothers or fathers by the administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy at the Mexican border in 2018.”

The Hurlburts also bashed Trump for undermining efforts to fight human trafficking and for leaving Syrian Christians to face persecution by denying them asylum.

While the two say this doesn’t mean they will vote for Joe Biden, they do assure that Trump will not be getting their vote in November.

“With these policies, President Trump has lost our votes,” they write. “That does not necessarily mean we will vote for Joe Biden, but our consciences will not allow us to vote for Trump again.”

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