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Major Christian Network Drops Trump-Loving Kenneth Copeland From Their Programming



The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has decided to part ways with Trump-loving televangelist Kenneth Copeland.

According to The Christian Post, TBN will stop airing shows hosted by Copeland starting this October.

In a statement to the Post, TBN Marketing Director Nate Daniels said the removal of Copeland’s programs is part of “a new vision under Matt and Laurie Crouch’s leadership” and that “TBN has been making changes to programming over the last several years.”

“As a part of this transition we chose to move away from telethons, upgraded to HD, expanded our streaming platforms, forged partnerships with family brands like K-LOVE, Museum of the Bible and others, and have replaced some programs with new original content from voices like Christine Caine, Mike Huckabee, Mike Rowe and more,” Daniels said, adding that it was “a very difficult decision” to drop Copeland and that programming by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church will replace Copeland’s show.

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