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Trump Supporter Arrested For Assaulting Neighbor Who Had Biden Sign, Says He Did It For Trump



A Donald Trump supporter bragged that he proudly went to jail for his president after assaulting his neighbor for having a Joe Biden sign in his front yard.

According to local news station WESH, Tony Vullo of DeBary, Florida got into an altercation with his neighbor over a Biden sign blocking his Trump yard sign.

According to Vullo, he ripped the Biden sign off the ground and tossed it across the yard. This led to the neighbor confronting him about it.

The argument then escalated when Vullo punched his neighbor.

A different neighbor who witnessed the fight called the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, which promptly came to arrest Vullo and charge him with battery.

“Yeah, I went to jail for Mr. Trump, for our president,” Vullo told WESH.

Take a look at the news coverage of the incident below:

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