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MAGA Rioter Hit With Multiple Felonies And Divorce Papers



MAGA rioter Jennifer Marie Heinl was arrested this week and charged with violent entry, disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and other felonies in connection with the deadly pro-Trump riot on January 6th. And on top of losing her freedom, she also lost her husband.

Heinl’s husband, Mike Heinl, is a veteran police detective in Shaler, Pennsylvania, and a member of the FBI’s violent crime taskforce in Pittsburgh. He filed for divorce a month after the 6 January violence, a report from The Independent says.

The couple got married in 2013 and Allegheny County’s Department of Court Records show that he filed for divorce on 19 February, according to the report.

Prosecutors say that Jennifer Heinl, 55, is linked to Kenneth Grayson of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, who is also facing charges.

The FBI executed a federal search warrant for Grayson’s Facebook account, where they discovered messages with Ms Heinl between 12 November 2020 and 11 January 2021.

Investigators say that in those messages they discussed travel to Washington DC, rental vehicles and hotels.

Police say that Ms Heinl told them she went to Washington DC on 5 January and returned on 6 January, and that she only saw Mr Grayson in the city and did not enter the US Capitol. But prosecutors say that photos show Ms Heinl and Mr Grayson standing together in the Capitol Rotunda, and others placed her in and around the building.

Shaler police chief Sean Frank said that Mike Heinl has worked for the department for 30 years and told his wife not to travel to Washington DC.

“He happens to be married to her. Mike is not a subject of investigation,” said Mr Frank.

“In fact, he asked her not to go. She apparently told him ‘I’m going to the rally.’ He had no idea it would be more than that.”

And he added: “She’s responsible for her actions. It’s unfortunate he’s becoming the focal point of this investigation.

“He’s very disappointed in the actions of his wife. He doesn’t blame the FBI. They have a job to do.”