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Man Caught Stealing Audi At Oklahoma Dealership Tries To Avoid Charges By Claiming Trump Made Him a US Marshal



Randy Cantwell

An Oklahoma man has been arrested after being caught trying to steal an Audi from a dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and claiming he was acting under the duty of a U.S. Marshal appointed by former President Donald Trump, The Daily Beast reported.

The man, identified as Randy Cantwell allegedly went into a dealership to view the car. When an employee said it wasn’t ready to be driven, Cantwell said he was taking it anyway, and claimed the dealership stole the car, according to local station KTUL.

According to the Tulsa Police Department, “Cantwell told employees he was a federal marshal and could take the car if he wanted. The employees blocked the car in and when Cantwell realized he couldn’t drive away, he got out of the car and began to walk off.”

Cantwell “was eventually stopped by police, and when asked what gave him such grand authority, he allegedly provided the most natural answer: He was a federal marshal, a role he took on when former President Donald Trump enacted martial law,” KTUL reported.

Of course, Trump never declared martial law or authorize anyone to steal luxury cars. But the QAnon conspiracy theory has long posited that Trump would enact martial law and order mass arrests of the internal enemies of America, including a supposed group of cannibalistic pedophiles who secretly rule the country.

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