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Lincoln Project To Launch ‘Facebook Army’ To Take Down Trump: Report



NBC News reported on Thursday that the never-Trump group, The Lincoln Project, is getting ready to launch a “Facebook grassroots army” to persuade Republican voters to vote for Joe Biden.

The new project, titled “The Lincoln Project Digital Coalition,” will launch on Friday.

According to the group’s spokesman, Keith Edwards, is to have “thousands of Lincoln Project Facebook members reach out to Republican voters who have previously backed Trump to try to persuade them to vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden,” NBC News reports.

“We maintain an email list, but Facebook groups operate as our central hubs or ‘virtual campaign offices,’ because they allow us to moderate participants, creating a more constructive gathering place,” Edwards told CNBC. “Within those Facebook groups, we share our ads first, paired with data-backed talking points. Trump’s support is strongest on Facebook, so given our target audience are Republicans, Facebook needs to lead our TLPDC efforts.”

You can read more on their plan HERE.

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