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Fox News Poll Shows Trump And GOP Senators Losing In 3 Key States



As November approaches, Democrats are trying to take back control of the White House and the Senate. While Democrats do need a high number of seats to take over, polls showing that voters are leaning in their favor.

A new Fox News poll shows Donald Trump and three GOP Senators losing by large margin in key states that the president won in 2016.

According to the poll, Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) is trailing her opponent Mark Kelly by 17 points (56-39).

The same state of Arizona is also leaning on voting for Biden, according to the Fox News poll. Trump is trailing Biden 40% to 49% in a state that he beat Hillary Clinton in by four points.

It is also bad news for Republicans in North Carolina and Wisconsin, according to the poll.

Biden leads Trump 50% to 46% in North Carolina, where voters prefer the Democrat to handle the coronavirus, by a nine-point margin. The poll also found Democrat Cal Cunningham leading incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC), 48% to 42%, among likely voters.

In Wisconsin, Biden leads Trump 50% to 42%. This state is crucial as it is a key state that helped Trump get elected in 2016.

You can read more on the polls HERE.

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