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Lifelong GOP Voters Dump ‘Inept’ Trump For Biden: ‘This Pandemic Has Just Confirmed How Incompetent He Is’



Lifelong Republican voters are not happy with the way Donald Trump has handled the pandemic and have vowed to vote for Joe Biden in November.

Christian Science Monitor interviewed older voters to get their views on the president and the way he has handled the coronavirus outbreak.

Many of the people the publication talked to admitted that they fear for their lives with Trump leading the country.

“The people my age, we have become dispensable,” lifelong North Carolina Republican voter Wendy Penk tells the publication. “I’ve never seen this level of mishandling my entire life, and I was around during Richard Nixon and Watergate. This coronavirus situation has just highlighted how inept [President Trump] is.”

Mississippi Republican Ken Holmes, meanwhile, told the publication that he broke off from Trump after the president described criticism of his handling of the disease as a “hoax.”

“[The pandemic] has just confirmed how incompetent he is and how uncaring he is for others,” fumed Holmes, who said he now plans to vote for Biden.

Registered Republicans Tommye and Rody Johnson also vowed to vote for Biden after growing severely disappointed with Trump’s leadership.

“This could have been an opportunity to unite the country,” Tommye Johnson explains. “We were children in World War II, and if we had that kind of leadership today, this crisis would be a different thing.”

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