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Lauren Boebert Drowned In Mockery For Inventing Military Rank To Defend State Of The Union Stunt



Lauren Bpebert

GOP Rep Lauren Boebert, of Colorado, triggered an avalanche of mockery on Tuesday after using a non-existent military rank to defend her heckling President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

Bobert’s pitfall came as she took to Twitter to claim that a soldier’s mother had thanked her for interrupting Biden’s address to the nation.

During his speech, Biden vowed to provide more support for military families whose sons and daughters have returned in “flag-draped coffins.” Boebert responded by shouting out, “You buried thirteen of them!” – referring to the 13 US service members killed in a terrorist attack on Kabul’s airport last August.

Now, Boebert is claiming that the mother of one of those troops wrote her a letter.

“After I spoke up, a few of the parents of our fallen soldiers reached out to me, and one of the moms encouraged me to share her thoughts with you,” Boebert said in a video post, before beginning to quote the letter.

“‘Hello Mrs. Boebert. I am Shana Chappell, the mother of Lieutenant Corporal Kareem Nikoui…’”

According to multiple reports, Marine Corps Lance Corporal Kareem M Nikoui was, in fact, one of the 13 soldiers killed in the suicide bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport. However he was not a “lieutenant corporal,” because that rank doesn’t exist.

Naturally, Twitter wasted no time to point that out.

“The US military doesn’t have a rank of ‘lieutenant corporal’,” responded US Army lieutenant colonel and Trump whistleblower Alexander Vindman. “So what was the nationality of the mother who thanked her?” he wondered.

Lincoln Project director Fred Wellman tweeted: “She doesn’t know even the most basic ranks. No… there is no such thing as a f***ing ‘lieutenant corporal.’ He was a Marine Lance Corporal.”

Others wondered if QAnon conspiracies played a role in the confusion.

“Maybe there’s a ‘lieutenant corporal’ in whatever Q army she’s in, but not in the actual US military,” replied the advocacy group VoteVets.

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