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Laura Ingraham Goes Full Religious Cultist As She Claims New Marriage Law ‘Destroys’ The Rights Of Christians



Fox News personality Laura Ingraham lashed out at President Joe Biden this week after he signed the historic Respect for Marriage Act into Law.

The law states that the federal government and states must recognize same-sex marriages as legal regardless of what jurisdiction they were performed in.

Ingraham was clearly upset with the new law, claiming that Biden is now “destroying the primacy of the nuclear family” and taking away the rights of “any serious person of faith.”

“Joe Biden held kind of an over-the-top, you know, celebration, this extravaganza that was named the Respect for Marriage Act,” which Ingraham described as “a bill that moves to restrict freedom of religion and freedom of speech even.”

That’s false. More than twenty faith-based organizations and even the main Mormon Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Mitt Romney’s church – announced support for the law. Even Romney, a Republican Senator from Utah who once said he didn’t know LGBTQ people had families, supports the Respect for Marriage Act.

“We are grateful for the continuing efforts of those who work to ensure the Respect for Marriage Act includes appropriate religious freedom protections while respecting the law and preserving the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters,” the LDS Church said, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Ingraham continued her false claims, adding: “whether you’re Catholic or evangelical or maybe Muslim, any serious person of faith, you will not necessarily have the rights tomorrow that you had yesterday.”

Take a look at her remarks below:


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