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KY Constituents Furious With McConnell For Ramming Through SCOTUS Vote While Ignoring COVID Relief



On Monday, in an unprecedented move, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Republicans in the Senate decided to rush through the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and made her the new Justice just days before the election.

Senate Republicans did this while still ignoring millions of Americans who are desperate for help due to the pandemic.

Writing in the Lexington Herald-Leader, columnist Linda Blackford excoriates McConnell for prioritizing judicial confirmations over help for the millions who are suffering due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“McConnell has not just failed to act to more COVID-19 relief that could help his struggling constituents, he has worked actively against it, while blaming Democrats,” she writes. “But it’s clear that a long debate over aid might have distracted him from confirming Barrett, thus fulfilling his dearest, court-packing dreams, cementing his status as the wiliest tactician in history. Why should poor people in Kentucky get in the way of that?”

Blackford’s editorial also quotes Louisville resident Latrice Wilson, who says many people in her neighborhood are facing eviction and will be booted from their homes without help from the government.

“Why is COVID aid not a priority for him?” Wilson asked. “Why should his constituents have to feel like we’re begging? People are trying to survive and it’s hard to survive and he doesn’t care.”

And Jason Bailey, executive director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, similarly told Blackford that “I just don’t think [McConnell] cares because it doesn’t affect him.”

You can read the full editorial HERE.

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