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John Oliver Flattens Jim Jordan For Freaking Out Over Question About His Call With Trump



Joh Oliver and Jim Jordan

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan is facing increased scrutiny as he struggles to explain what Donald Trump told him during their phone conversation on January 6, as a MAGA mob stormed the US Capitol, sending legislators scrambling for their lives.

It’s very clear that Jordan did, in fact, speak to Trump that day, but for some reason, he can’t figure out how to explain what they discussed during their phone call(s). But he might be called to testify about it before the House Select Committee.

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver said that it appeared Jordan was “employing both the nervous energy and deeply suspicious denial normally reserved for Woody Allen. Why wouldn’t I find that reassuring?”

Oliver also trashed Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for opposing getting translators out of Afghanistan, leaving them to die at the hands of the Taliban.

Watch Oliver’s clip below: