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CNN’s John Berman Slams ‘Shell Of A Man’ Lindsey Graham For Turning Into a Trump Sycophant



On Monday, during a CNN segment about the pardons that Trump could issue before leaving office, host John Berman slammed Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham as a “shell” of his former self after for into a sycophant for President Donald Trump.

Berman’s comments came after CNN host Alisyn Camerota noted that Graham had urged the president not to let Capitol Hill rioters off the hook.

“I think it would destroy President Trump and I hope we don’t go down that road,” Graham told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

“It impossible to know who President Trump listens to,” Camerota observed on Monday.

“It’s impossible to know if Lindsey Graham listens to himself,” co-host John Berman agreed. “The shell that occupies the space that Lindsey Graham once did.”

CNN contributor David Gregory piled on, calling Graham “Captain Obvious” for the recommendation not to pardon insurrectionists.

“We don’t know if that calculus means anything to President Trump,” he pointed out.

Republican anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project has described Graham as a “political parasite with a record of lies and personal betrayals.”

Watch the exchange in the video below.