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Joe Scarborough Torches ‘Depraved’ Tommy Tuberville’s Reaction To Trump Sex Abuse Verdict



On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough unloaded on Sen. Tommy Tuberville after the Alabama Republican said that Donald Trump being found liable for sexual abuse and defamation made him even more likely to vote for the former president, twice.

On Tuesday, a jury ordered Trump to pay $5 million in damages to author E. Jean Carroll for sexually assaulting and defaming her by claiming that she was lying about the assault.

But the verdict didn’t seem to trouble some Republican lawmakers at all. In fact, Tuberville sees it as a positive thing, prompting a forceful response from Scarborough.

“So he says the New York verdict, where a jury of six men and three women found Donald Trump liable for sexual abuse, Tommy Tuberville says, ‘This makes me want to vote for him twice,'” Scarborough said. “A sexual abuser, a sexual abuser makes Tommy Tuberville want to vote for the sexual abuser twice.”

“This comment by Tommy Tuberville, [who] describes himself as, quote, ‘a man of Christian faith,’ is disturbing even by the standards of this morally depraved era,” the ‘Morning Joe’ host continued.

“Anybody saying a jury of six men and three women finding somebody guilty of sexual abuse, sexually abusing a woman, would make them want to vote for that person twice, he added.”How depraved — there’s just not another word for it. How depraved”

Watch the segment below:


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