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Joe Scarborough Reacts To Trump Freaking Out About Going To Prison



Morning Joe Discusses Trump's Concerns About Prison.
Joe Scarborough discusses Donald Trump's concerns about going to prison. (Screenshot)

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC on Thursday expressed little surprise that Donald Trump is preoccupied with thoughts of orange jumpsuits and prison conditions. The former president has opted to skip the second presidential debate after missing the first one last month. According to the “Morning Joe” host, Trump is likely anxious about appearing in public, burdened by the weight of facing 91 criminal charges across four jurisdictions.

Scarborough pointed out that Trump, beneath his outward confidence, is the most insecure individual on the planet. He believes that Trump is aware of the commentary from his staunchest supporters on Fox News.

“He’s the most insecure guy on the face of the earth behind that facade, Scarborough asserted. “He has to know what his fiercest defenders on Fox News say. Ninety-one counts – if he goes 90-1, he’s going to jail for the rest of his life, 90-1. He could win 90 and lose one, every one of those counts, basically, at Donald Trump’s age, that equals a life sentence, so, yeah, the guy is worried. I could see, if I were carrying that around, you, anybody, we would forget what decade we were living in, too, just like Donald Trump.”

Last week, Trump delivered a disjointed speech at a conservative event where he insinuated that a “cognitively impaired” President Joe Biden might lead the nation into “World War II” if re-elected. He even appeared to confuse Biden with Barack Obama. Scarborough suggested that this confusion might be a key reason why Trump is reluctant to participate in Republican debates.

“I mean, we’d be throwing people’s names around – 91 counts, every one of them is a life sentence,” Scarborough said. “The guy, obviously, is cracking. I think he’s losing it, which is why the last thing he wants to do, the last thing his lawyers want him to do, is go out and debate. He may give admissions, and his political people don’t want him to lose his mind onstage.”

See the segment below from MSNBC.