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Jimmy Kimmel Lampoons Ted Cruz, Republicans For Their Insane Response To Mass Shootings



Jimmy Kimmel slams Ted Cruz

Jimmy Kimmel unloaded on Texas senator Ted Cruz and his Republican colleagues during his opening monologue on Thursday night over their stunningly irrational responses to the recurring mass shootings across the country.

“I’m not allowed to fish without a license,” Jimmy Kimmel said during his opening monologue on Thursday. “It shouldn’t be easier to get an AR-15 than a rainbow trout.”

Kimmel began by admonishing Republican lawmakers for blocking action on gun control after this week’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas which left 19 children and two adults dead.

But the comedian saved his harshest comments for Texas senator Ted Cruz, who blamed the tragedy on the elementary school having more than one door.

“I see, so this wasn’t a gun problem. This was a door problem,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host said. “Get rid of the doors. Makes total sense.”

Kimmel then suggested making that one door an “EXIT” door to confuse would-be mass shooters.

“They’ll see the sign, they’ll turn right around. There will be no problems at all,” Kimmel said. “And Ted knows a lot about doors. You know, doors are what he leaves his dog to look out of when it gets cold and he sneaks off to Cancun like Cruzella de Vil.”

Kimmel then proceeded to offer some blunt advice for Rafael.

“What a stupid fake idea,” Kimmel said. “Listen, Ted, I know you’d rather spend your days doing impressions of ‘The Simpsons’ and googling stepmom porn, but at some point you might have to get down to it and do your job ― and doors ain’t it.”

Watch the monologue below: