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Jim Jordan Buried in Mockery For Whining About Verdict On Durham Case Against Clinton Campaign Lawyer



Gym Jordan

Republicans are fuming at the American judicial system after a jury acquitted former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, who faced accusations by special counsel John Durham that he lied to the FBI about Trump’s this with Russia.

Durham, who was appointed by former Attorney General Bill Barr, has focused on Sussmann as part of an investigation into special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Trump’s purported links to Russia. At the time of Durham’s appointment, Trump and his Republican allies Durham as someone who would prove the Mueller probe was a witch hunt by the “deep state.”

After the not guilty verdict, Republicans took to Twitter to voice their frustration.

“The Swamp always protects its own,” wrote the House GOP Judiciary Committee.

The comment was retweeted by Rep. Jim Jordan, and mockery quickly ensued. Check some of the reactions below: