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Jen Psaki Uses Reporter’s Question As a Hammer And Hits Trump With It



Jen Psaki

During Thursday’s White House press briefing, a question came up on whether President Joe Biden would come to regret waiving executive privilege on Trump-era documents, and Press Secretary Jen Psaki wasted no time to hit former President Donald Trump with her response.

“Has there been any concern or conversation about what might happen one day when the shoe is on the other foot and if another administration of the other party comes in and says it’s an extraordinary circumstance and they want to hand over documents that were deemed privileged by the Biden administration?” a reporter asked.

In response, Psaki said that Biden is not worried about his decision because he will not engage in the same abhorrent behavior as his predecessor.

“I can assure you that this President has no intention to lead an insurrection on our nation’s Capitol,” Psaki replied.

“I anticipated that would be your answer almost word for word,” the reporter replied.

“Oh, good,” Psaki replied with a grin.

“I think it is ultimately important for people to understand and remember that January 6th was an incredibly dark day — one of the darkest days in our democracy,” she explained. “There was an insurrection on our nation’s Capitol.”

“What we’re talking about here is getting to the bottom of that,” Psaki said. “Shouldn’t everybody want to get to the bottom of that?”