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Jake Tapper Rips ‘Deranged And Indecent’ Trump Over Smear Campaign To Distract From His ‘Horrific’ Response To Health Crisis



During Sunday’s edition of “State of the Union”, CNN anchor Jake Tapper blasted Donald Trump and his team for “smearing” his critics, saying the attacks are “deranged” and “unmoored from reality” and seem designed to “distract from us from this horrific health and economic crisis.”

Tapper started off by pointing out how the coronavirus was still pummeling the country and approaching 90,000 U.S. deaths. He also praised former President Barack Obama for his Saturday night TV address to graduating students –where he also took a veiled swipe at Trump.

He then turned on Trump: “The criticism from Obama comes at a time when President Trump and his team are launching an unprecedented smear campaign against any rival, ranging from bizarre false conspiracy theories to spreading false allegations of pedophilia to even suggesting one TV anchor committed murder,” Tapper stated. “These smear campaigns are unmoored from reality, they’re deranged and indecent and seem designed to distract from us from this horrific health and economic crisis.”

“It is that pandemic we’ll focus on today,” he added.