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Internet Respond To Trump’s False Claim That House Democrats ‘Never’ Asked Bolton To Testify



President Donald Trump is facing fierce backlash on Twitter after he claimed falsely that House Democrats “never even asked” his former national security adviser John Bolton to testify during the impeachment inquiry and tried to convinced the GOP-controlled Senate that it’s not their job to call Bolton as a witness now.

“The Democrat controlled House never even asked John Bolton to testify. It is up to them, not up to the Senate!” Trump tweeted early Monday morning.

Trump’s claim came hours after The New York Times reported that Bolton wrote in a draft copy of his new book that Trump told him in August that he wanted to suspend military assistance to Ukraine until the country helped with investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son as well as a debunked theory about 2016 election interference.

Those investigations are at the center of House Democrats’ charge that the president abused his power.

House investigators did ask Bolton to testify during the impeachment inquiry last fall, but he declined to testify on instructions from the White House.

The White House successfully blocked a handful of high-level current and former officials from testifying, many of whom were issued subpoenas, on the grounds that they are immune from compelled congressional testimony as top aides to Trump.

Bolton has since made clear that he is willing to testify before the Senate if issued a subpoena.

Trump has signaled, however, that the White House would try to exert executive privilege over Bolton’s testimony even if he is called by the Senate.

Read Trump’s tweet and some of the responses below: