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‘I Have News For You’: Kevin McCarthy Ripped Apart By Jen Psaki Over Looming Gov. Shutdown



Kevin McCarthy Jen Psaki

MSNBC’s Jen Psaki isn’t convinced by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) expressed concern that Republican hardliners might trigger a government shutdown by October 1st.

Last week, McCarthy bemoaned, “This is a whole new concept of individuals that just want to burn the whole place down.”

But Psaki is not buying McCarthy’s fluster, and didn’t hold back in expressing her incredulity.

“Really?!? “It’s a ‘whole new concept that certain Republicans want to burn the place down’? Well, do I have news for you, Speaker McCarthy, if you have been sleeping for the last couple of years. The building has been on fire for years.”

She pointed out that Republicans were responsible for government shutdowns in 2013 and 2018-19, highlighting, “And if we really want to talk about burning the whole place down, when the actual Capitol building was under attack by a bunch of insurrectionists, Kevin McCarthy and the majority of his party simply waved it off and pledged loyalty to the architect of that chaos, Donald Trump.”

Psaki further asserted that former President Donald Trump wields considerable influence in the House, stating, “effectively running the House” and “pulling the strings.”

However, Psaki argued that it was McCarthy’s responsibility, given his alignment with the far-right faction of his party in pursuit of the speakership, to address and resolve these issues, “to extinguish the flames.”

She concluded: “The big question now, less than a week away from a potential government shutdown, is whether you can do the job.”

Watch the segment below.