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‘Human Garbage’ Ted Cruz Utterly Destroyed Over ‘No Defense’ Tweet For Texas Energy Crisis



Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sparked the ire of the internet after he responded to an old tweet he sent in August mocking Democrats following power outages in California.

The tweet resurfaced and the lawmaker was slammed as Texas is experiencing days of power outages due to winter storms, leaving almost 4 million people in the Lone Star state without power and out in the cold.

In August, Cruz took a dig at Democrats when responding to a message from the California governor’s office that urged residents in the state to conserve energy during a heat wave as the state experienced power blackouts. Over 350,000 people were affected in California at the time.

“California is now unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity,” Cruz tweeted. “Biden/Harris/AOC want to make CA’s failed energy policy the standard nationwide. Hope you don’t like air conditioning!” he said at the time.

But now as a massive winter storm has left millions in Texas without power for days following the failure of the Texas’s power grid, Twitter users resurfaced Cruz’s criticism of California, and the tweet went viral.

Cruz responded to the backlash on Tuesday tweeting, “I got no defense. A blizzard strikes Texas & our state shuts down. Not good. Stay safe!”

Social media users were quick to remind Cruz that his policies have contributed to the crisis.