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Herschel Walker’s Attempt To Smear Sen. Warnock Backfires As He Gets Confronted By Angry Crowd



Herschel Walker

On Wednesday, Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker held a campaign event in Atlanta outside of Columbia Towers apartment building, which is owned by Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) church. In an attempt to smear the Democratic senator, Walker blasted Warnock for allegedly evicting some of the tenants.

But things went south after Walker told the crowd: “I’m going to take a couple of questions” and a reporter asked if any of the people being used as props at the event had received eviction notices.

Instead of answering the question, Walker became combative and descended into a rambling tirade.

“Uh, no, we want you to go in and see the people behind us,” Walker said. “That’s the reason we’re here.”

“You’re here in Atlanta and you have not come down to see this so I have brought you,” he added. “Now, you can go in and see the people right here. I hope you’re going to go in. Are you going to do that? Are you going to do that or not?”

“Yes,” the reporter replied before asking her question again.

“Walk over and visit the people,” Walker repeated.

“Answer the question!” the crowd shouted. “Answer the question! Answer the question!”

“Next question!” Walker shouted back.

“Answer the question!” the crowd continued.

Fox News reported that one angry man in the crowd used a slur against Walker.

“This is all a stunt. He’s nothing but a house n—–,” the man reportedly said, according to Fox News. The Daily Boulder has not been able to verify Fox News’ claim.

Watch footage of the event below: