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Hacker Collective Anonymous Takes Down Russia’s Propaganda Outlet As It Declares War On Kremlin




The hacker collective “Anonymous” has announced they had launched cyber operations that temporarily took down Russia’s propaganda network, as well as the websites of the Kremlin, the Russian government, and the Russian defense ministry websites, ABC Australia reports.

According to the report, confirmed the attack took place, saying it slowed some websites down while taking others offline for “extended periods of time.”

The TV channel has been slammed as Vladimir Putin’s “personal propaganda tool” and many world leaders said it should be banned.

Internet security expert Robert Potter said the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack used involved multiple systems flooding a targeted website so that no other traffic could get through.

“It’s like trying to run five people through a door at the same time,” he said.

Anonymous is a decentralized collective without hierarchy or leadership and has been known to take on a wide range of issues. An Anonymous video posted on February 15 threatened to take Russia’s industrial control systems “hostage” if the Ukraine crisis escalated.

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