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GOP Senators Are ‘Encouraging Trump’ To Cheat Impeachment By ‘Rigging This Trial’: Ex-Ethics Chief



Walter Shaub, a former White House ethics chief, took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out Senate Republicans for urging Donald Trump to “rig” the impeachment process and the next election.

Shaub, who clashed with Trump and another White House official now at the center of the impeachment inquiry, questioned the rules set for the trial by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP senators.

“By blocking witnesses and records, Republican Senators are not just rigging this trial,” Shaub tweeted. “They are also encouraging Trump to continue trying to rig our next election. The illegitimacy of this process threatens the legitimacy of the election.”

Shaub left his post at the White House after more than ten years of service in 2017.

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