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GOP Secretary Of State Denounces Trump’s Claims Of Mail-In Voter Fraud



Republican Secretary of State for the state of Washington, Kim Wyman appeared on CNN on Friday where she denounced Donald Trump’s claims that there will be voter fraud if people are allowed to vote by mail.

Speaking with host John King, Wyman was pressed to describe any problems she sees coming in November’s election.

“Kim Wyman thank you for your time again,” King began. “You’re the expert since you’ve been at it for so long in Washington. I was reading the transcript of an interview you did, you can handle this but what strikes you as the vitriol. You’re a Republican, but the nation’s top Republican is saying fraud, rigged, saying things that are frankly wrong, correct?”

“That’s correct. and every time President Trump takes a swing at absentee ballots or vote-by-mail ballots it undermines confidence,” she replied. “So officials have more to do to make sure their voters know that their vote is protected, their vote is going to be counted accurately and we’re going to count for every vote we receive.”

“The numbers the president was using with Savannah Guthrie were wrong, but there are cases where people are finding ballots discarded or in wrong locations. are other secretaries of state reaching out to you to how to handle it?” King asked. “Are you concerned so far? Do you think these are routine hiccups?”

“We’ve been working with secretaries of state and election officials from across the country for the last seven, eight months,” she explained. “10 percent rolls population moves every year so we’re trying to keep up our voter roles to make sure we have the most accurate address, get the ballot to the voter on the first try and the right ballot to the voter. But people move, and in an apartment or condominium we’ll have opportunities for people to receive someone else’s ballot that’s why we have security measures in place to make sure only the voter it was issued to gets to cast that ballot.”

“Your state is a high participation state anyway, a civic tradition and all that,” King continued. “I look at the primary turnout, number one and now the early questions: you have huge lines in many places with early voting. Based on those and based on your experience, what does it tell you about the interest in this election?”

“It’s exactly what we expected,” she replied. “We see very high turnout. I’m excited because I think what we’re going to see here in Washington is close to 90 percent turnout of our registered voters. As an election official, it makes you excited and we have to work really hard to make sure we get through all the volume.”

Take a look at her remarks below:

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