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GOP Election Official Shuts Down Trump’s Election Claims: There’s No Evidence Of Voter Fraud



A Republican member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission denied President Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud, telling the state’s legislative committees Friday that he has “not seen credible evidence of large-scale voter fraud in Wisconsin during the November election.”

“There were no dumps of ballots during the night, none,” Dean Knudson told lawmakers looking into the conduct of the Nov. 3 election that Democrat Joe Biden won by about 21,000 votes over President Donald Trump.

“There is no evidence of any fraud related to Dominion voting machines in Wisconsin,” Knudson said. “Counting in Wisconsin did not stop and restart. Election observers were allowed to be present throughout Election Day and election night proceedings. The number of voters on our poll books match the number of ballots cast.

“There has been no criminal evidence presented to the Elections Commission that any of these problems occurred in Wisconsin,” he said, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Knudson’s testimony came early in a hearing, around the same time a Wisconsin judge ruled against Trump in one of his lawsuits and declared, “There is no credible evidence of misconduct or wide-scale fraud.”

Since losing the election, Trump has argued virtually all early in-person voting in Wisconsin was illegal and claimed clerks had broken the law by setting up absentee ballot drop boxes.

However, judges in Wisconsin have shut him and his backers down at every turn. They have thrown out five lawsuits in a little over a week.