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Giuliani’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Witness Implicated In Stolen Sex Videos Crime Spreed



Mellissa Carone, a Trump campaign witness who gave bizarre and discredited testimony about voter fraud in Detroit was recently released from probation after being accused of sending pornographic videos to her fiance’s ex-wife and framing the woman for stealing them, Deadline Detroit reported Friday.

Police records obtained by the news outlet reveal “obscenity and computer crime charges filed against Carone, 33 over a harassment campaign she waged against a 42-year-old woman in 2018 and 2019. Earlier Friday, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office said Carone pleaded the initial charges down to disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

She was previously charged under the name Mellissa Wright with first-degree obscenity and using a computer to commit a crime. Under a plea agreement, she reduced her charge to disorderly conduct and received 12 months of probation, according to the report.

Her probation ended on Sept. 13, just weeks before Election Day, when a temporary staffing agency employed Carone to assist Dominion Voting Systems in Detroit. She then became the breakout star of the clown show Rudy Giuliani brought to Michigan this week when the president’s personal lawyer put her forward, presented her as a credible witness and asked state legislators to disenfranchise millions of Michigan voters and declare Donald Trump the winner of Michigan’s electoral votes based in large part on Carone’s claims.

Carone’s computer crime and false accusations about hacking are directly relevant to her credibility.

“There is no rule that people coming off probation are incredible as a matter of law,” Giuliani told The Huffington Post when asked about Carone’s credibility.

“I don’t know her circumstances, but her testimony is corroborated by other witnesses, documentary evidence and expert testimony,” he said. Giuliani also took the opportunity to point out that Hunter Biden used cocaine, according to HuffPost.

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