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George Conway Says Videos Filmed In The White House On Jan 6 Will Show Trump’s Criminal Intent That Day



George Conway

During Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” attorney George Conway, the husband of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, suggested that videos recorded in the White House during the assault on the US Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters will show evidence of criminal intent that can be used against Donald Trump.

Host Joe Scarborough started off by addressing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s show of cowardice in refusing to cooperate with the House Committee investigating the Jan 6 insurrection.

“Kevin is not the sharpest tool in the shed wire, Scarborough said before calling McCarthy “amnesiac.”

“Whatever it is. I mean, we’ve seen this time and again from Trump apologists on TV, begging him to stop the riots. We saw this from his own family members begging him to stop the riots. Kevin McCarthy picks up the phone yells at Donald Trump’s where’s it Donald Trump trying to get him to stop the riots bragged about it to other members of Congress after he had done it. We counted what Donald Trump said to other members of Congress after you didn’t hear you have forecasts yesterday, saying, Oh, I was talking about everybody. No, no, he blamed Donald Trump for mob rule. Taking over the constitution,” Scarborough said.

“Absolutely had and this goes to the question back to the criminal law aspect of it because the question of is of Trump’s intent of he sat there in his private dining room or whatever it is, by the Oval Office, watching television, watching this for hours,” Conway replied.

“While people were pleading with him, including his daughter, including his chief of staff, and probably people calling him on the phone to say something, do something to stop them. And we hear that he was watching this with glee. He wanted this to happen. He wanted anything to happen that would stop, delay, hinder the execution of the laws of the United States that would transfer power for me to Joe Biden, and that’s, that’s the most telling pieces of evidence that we have,” he added.

Scarborough agreed and said it would be a damning closing argument against Trump if he got charged with seditious conspiracy

“You can almost hear it in closing argument against the President, not that there will be a closing argument against the president because he seems to get away with everything, but you can almost hear that closing argument about the President being part of this tradition and sitting there watching gleefully wanting these rights to go on,” the host said.

“And then they tell the jury, the prosecution tells the jury and then they finally dragged him out hours later, to give a recorded message to stop the rioters to stop the submission of stem and the first take. You wouldn’t say it right. They made him do it again. He makes the second take I took the writers still won’t tell them to stop. It takes them three times. After an afternoon of bloodshed after an afternoon of police being savaged by rioters by sedition is trying to actually commit insurrection against the United States for the President of the United States to finally compliment them, but then say go home. Right.”

“Three takes but not only that, they didn’t trust him to do it live because they were afraid of what he would say,” Conway said. “Then they threw out two takes before he got him.
Semi right on the third take. I mean that just tells you a lot and wait till we actually see those first two takes there’s no doubt those were preserved. Those are preserved documents, and they’re probably produced to the committee by the National Archives. It’s going to be something when those videos come out. I’ll bet you they’re going to be something, he said.

Watch the discussion below, via MSNBC.