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Fox News Panelists Burst Into Laughter After Guest Defends Trump’s Call To Raffensperger



A Fox News panel discussion about President Donald Trump’s recorded phone call with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger turned into laughter after a guest defended Donald Trump’s arm-twisting of the election official (video below.)

On Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters,” right-wing attorney and political analyst Gayle Trotter tried to explain away the president’s apparent threats to Georgia’s secretary of state to “find” enough votes to hand him the state he lost.

A.B. Stoddard of the conservative news site RealClearPolitics cackled as Stoddard had already condemned Trump’s recorded phone call with Brad Raffensperger as “incredibly politically damaging to the president” after a “free and fair” election. Commentator Jessica Tarlov also chimed in, saying Republicans should retreat from their election denial in humiliation.

But Trotter, who has argued that a ban on assault weapons would be sexist and recently tweeted out the QAnon conspiracy theory slogan, disagreed.

“A.B. and Jessica just don’t get it,” Trotter said. “The voters who wanted President Trump to have a second term voted for him because he’s a fighter. He’s a man who fights.”

Stoddard laughed dismissively and Trotter continued.

“A.B. said this would be politically damaging and Jessica is giving advice to her political opponent,” Trotter said. “Well, President Trump doesn’t take advice from political opponents, and here is yet another example where he shows that he’s going to the mat for the over 70 million voters who entrusted him to fight back and this is yet another opportunity where he understands the radical leftist agenda that Joe Biden and his administration want to push.”

Stoddard again laughed openly as Tarnov joined in.