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Texas Republican Suggests Beheading For Mitt Romney For Not Supporting Trump’s Coup



Terry Harper, a top Republican official from Texas is under fire after saying on Facebook late Saturday that he wanted Utah Sen. Mitt Romney “introduced to our friend Mr. Guillotine” over Romney’s critique President Donald Trump and his allies’ attempt to overturn the election results.

Harper’s incendiary comment came after Romney chastised Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and 10 others who vowed to object when Congress reviews President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory on Wednesday.

The comment triggered an uproar with social media filled with pleas for the FBI to pay a visit to the official, given the reference to beheading.

Harper then scrambled to explain his comment, calling it a misunderstanding.

Romney is “a leader (head)” of Utah Republicans, with voters representing the body. “Hence the reference to Mr. Guillotine and the separation of the Head (Romney) from the Body (Utah Voters) is simple….Never did I suggest or wish harm to the Senator,” he said in a written explanation for his post, The Dallas Morning News reports.

“I do apologize to those who failed to understand my post as I did not make it clear to those who make assumptions based on their personal agenda,” he added, according to the report.

Harper serves on the State Republican Executive Committee, representing Senate District 21, which runs from north of San Antonio to Laredo. He lives in Seguin, east of San Antonio.

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