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Fox News Caught Blatantly Lying About Biden’s Speech On COVID-19



Brian Kilmeade

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden delivered a speech laying out his administration’s plan for handling the coming winter surge in COVID-19 cases. During the televised address, he gave credit to former President Donald Trump’s administration for its initiative in developing COVID-19 vaccines. But Fox News couldn’t help lying about it.

“Just the other day, former President Trump announced he got his booster shot,” Biden said. “It may be one of the few things he and I agree on. People with booster shots are highly protected.”

Biden then specifically gave Trump credit for talking publicly about his decision to get a booster against the virus.

Hours later, however, Fox News falsely told its viewers that Trump got no credit from Democrats for his administration’s work on the vaccines.

The lie was caught by CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy, who shared a Fox News chyron falsely stating, “Dems refuse to credit Trump for vaccine effort.”

Check it below.