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Florida Ferris Wheel Operator Tries to Choke Black Mom, Quickly Regrets It



A video shared on social media on Sunday shows the moment a Ferris wheel operator in Florida physically attacks a Black mother before being taken down by a crowd of onlookers.

In the footage, the mother appears to exchange words with the operator as she exits the ride at the Opa Locka Hialeah Flea Market Carnival in Miami-Dade County on Saturday.

Within seconds, the man can be seen attacking the woman, pushing her back and appearing to choke her as one of the woman’s two children is thrust onto the hard floor of the ride.

That’s when a man and a second woman jump through the ride’s gates to defend the mother. The ride operator is pelted with punches and kicks as more onlookers jump in to fight him.

According to people who were at the event, the ride operator had participated in another fight earlier in the evening. It was also caught on video.

Watch the video clips below.