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Fired Vaccine Director Files Whistleblower Complaint, Says COVID-19 Warnings Were Ignored



It was reported on Tuesday that Dr. Rick Bright, the ousted director of the office involved in developing a coronavirus vaccine, filed an extensive whistleblower complaint claiming that early coronavirus warnings were ignored.

According to CNN, Bright said in his whistleblower complaint that “he raised concerns about US preparedness for coronavirus starting in January but was met with ‘indifference which then developed into hostility’ by leaders at the Department of Health and Human Services.”

CNN also reported that Bright is seeking reinstatement as BARDA’s director and asking for a full investigation.

“Dr. Bright pressed for urgent access to funding, personnel and clinical specimens, including viruses, which he emphasized were all critically necessary to begin development of lifesaving medicines needed in the likely event that the virus spread outside of Southeast Asia,” the complaint reads. “Secretary Azar and Dr. Kadlec responded with surprise at Dr. Bright’s dire predictions and urgency.”

Later, Bright claims he was cut out of critical meetings for raising an early alarm about the virus.

“It was obvious that Dr. Bright’s persistent demands for urgent action to respond to the pandemic had caused a ‘shit storm’ and a ‘commotion’ and were unwelcome in the office of the HHS Secretary,” the complaint reads. “As a result, HHS leadership excluded Dr. Bright and BARDA from these recurring meetings and from the critical discussions about addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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