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Feud Breaks Out Among Republicans, McCarthy Calls Out QAnon Congresswoman Over Biden Impeachment Attempt



This week, QAnon Congresswoman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) received backlash after she attempted to impeach President Joe Biden a day after his inauguration without any basis.

While many Democratic leaders criticized the move by Greene, it was the House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy who slammed the conspiracy theorist.

According to The Hill, McCarthy made it clear he does not agree with Greene’s stance or her effort to move forward with articles of impeachment against Biden.

On Friday, Jan. 23, McCarthy conducted an interview with Greta Van Susteren where he weighed in with his opinion on the newly-elected lawmaker’s plan.

“I called her. I disagree with that. That’s exactly what the Democrats did with President Trump, and why we disagreed with when they wanted to come after him for purely political reasons,” McCarthy said. “I think Republicans are better than that. That this is one of the arguments we used against the Democrats, and I don’t think we should use it either.”

Despite disagreeing with her, McCarthy defended the congresswoman’s ability to file for impeachment.

“She has a right to, as an elected member of Congress to submit those,” he added, “I just don’t think the timing and the case is right at this time, in this moment.”

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