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Federal Judge Doesn’t Buy MAGA Rioter’s Absurd Excuse For Storming The Capitol, Sends Him To Jail



MAGA rioter Blake Reed

A federal judge on Thursday smacked down an alleged MAGA rioter’s claim that he was not at fault for committing acts of violence on January 6 because he just got “caught up in the moment,” CBS News’ Scott MacFarlane reported on Twitter.

In a Twitter thread highlighted by Raw Story, MacFarlane reported that “MAGA rioter Blake Reed made the case that his storming of the Capitol was not planned, but merely “a spontaneous and impulsive decision.”

“I got caught up in the moment,” he told the judge, according to MacFarlane. “My adrenaline got going.”

However, the judge didn’t buy Reed’s defense, pointing out that he came to the Capitol that day with a gas mask and protective eye goggles, which she said was a clear indication that he believed violence would take place.

“This was not impulsive,” she told him. “You went with goggles and a respirator mask… planning for possibility of violence. You went where you were not supposed to be, despite the tear gas… the flash bangs.. alarms .. and so on.”

The judge then sentenced Reed to 42 days in jail, roughly half of the three-month sentence requested by federal prosecutors as part of a plea deal, according to Raw Story.

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