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‘Look At That Guy Skinny Jeans’: Fox News Host Melts Down Over Refugees Clean Clothes



Jesse Watters and Jeanine Pirro

Fox News personality Jesse Watters on Wednesday mocked refugees fleeing the nearly-failed state of Venezuela because they didn’t look miserable enough, suggesting that they are not really fearing for their lives, pointing out their clean clothes.

“They dress so nicely! Athleisure,” Watters said on ‘The Five’ as he aired footage of immigrants getting off a bus in Washington, DC. “One guy had on matching Nike head to toe, the kicks were clean – If you’re fleeing a war-torn country seeking asylum and you think you’re gonna die, and you show up looking that good, no one’s gonna buy that!”

The immigrants arrived in DC after Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott began busing them as a way to protest President Biden’s border policies.

As the refugees stepped off the bus, their clothes appeared unremarkable – sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, caps, sneakers. But to Watters’ eye, they apparently didn’t look miserable enough.

“Look at that guy’s shirt! Look at the guy’s skinny jeans!” he protested. “You can’t show up to America claiming you’re fearing for your life dressed that well! It’s not gonna fly!”

Watters’ co-host, Jeanine Pirro, said he was misunderstanding.

“No, as soon as they get here we dress them!” she interrupted.

“We put those close on these people?” Watters fumed. “Come on! Americans don’t dress this well!”

“They don’t give it to us,” Pirro grumbled.

Watch the video below:


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