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Failed GOP Candidate And Pastor Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Claiming Immunity



Evangelical pastor E.W. Jackson – a failed Republican Senate candidate, conservative pundit— has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus after he claimed he couldn’t get it because he “asked God to protect him.”

In a Facebook Live sermon earlier this week, Jackson said that both he and his wife had been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus even after claiming multiple times that he wouldn’t get it, claiming that “I’ve taken my vaccine, and my vaccine is Psalm 91.”

“I’m not gonna get the coronavirus. I’m not gonna give anybody the coronavirus, cause I can’t get it, cause I’ve talked to God about it,” he said in a sermon this past March.

He referred to Psalm 91, which says in part: “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty… surely he will save you… from the deadly pestilence.”

“I will not get the coronavirus,” he said in another sermon that was posted online. “I’ve asked God to protect me from it, and I’ve confessed Psalm 91 over my life and over the life of my congregation and over the life of our families, and we’re not getting it in the name of Jesus.”

On Monday, however, Jackson said that he got the virus. “I’ve been out for the last several weeks probably because I was speaking somewhere else, and the last week I was out, because I was tested positive for COVID-19,” according to Newsweek.

He told the publication in a telephone interview that the reason he got coronavirus was that he has not been taking Sundays off.

“I’ll tell you what exactly what I believe really happened to me: the Bible says we’re supposed to rest one day a week, and I’ve been working seven days a week probably for – I don’t know – who knows how long,” he said.