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Lauren Boebert Schooled By GOP Committee Chair For Demanding Consequences For Rep. Cori Bush Over ‘White Supremacist’ Remark



Lauren Boebert and Cori Bush

On Wednesday, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert was schooled by Committee Chairman Pat Fallon (R-TX) after Boebert forcefully objected to Democratic ranking member Cori Bush (D-MO) accusing one Republican witness of using white supremacist rhetoric.

During a House hearing on the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the Missouri Democrat observed that Republicans had invited Center for Industrial Progress President Alex Epstein after he “espoused white supremacist views.”

As Bush quoted Epstein, Boebert interjected to demand that Bush’s words “be taken down.”

“Mr. Chairman, I demand the gentlelady’s words be taken down,” Boebert said. “She just called the witness a white supremacist.”

“No, I referred to the words, not to the person, not to him, the words,” Bush fired back.

Fallon then ruled the words could not be taken down because they were directed at a witness, not at a lawmaker.

“The chair cannot take down words that are directed toward a witness only to other members,” Fallon said.

Bush continued, quoting Epstein, saying: “Rather than disavow them, he doubled down on this narrative saying, ‘It has nothing to do with skin color. I was arguing that those cultures overall are inferior to Western culture.'”



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