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Ex-Trump Physician Claims Trump Is ‘In Excellent Physical Condition, CNN Host Quickly Fact-Checks Him



Ronny Jackson, Donald Trump’s former physician who is now running for a seat in Congress, released a video this week claiming that the president is in “excellent physical condition” and that the surprise visit to Walter Reed Medical Center last year was actually scheduled.

CNN’s Brianna Keillar shared Jackson’s video on the air while offering a live fact-check of his statements.

Jackson insisted that the Reed visit was nothing “urgent” and was part of a “routine preventative medicine workup to keep him healthy as president.”

But Keillar, during her fact-check, notes that the visit “did not follow the protocol of a routine presidential medical exam….. Medical staff at Walter Reed did not get a….. heads up.”

Keillar then showed a clip of Jackson declaring that Trump is “in excellent physical condition” and “had a head-to-toe physical workup, including an extensive cardiac workup that put him well within the top 10% of men his age from a cardiac standpoint. So, why is the left suddenly talking about this?”

The CNN host then responded, “Well, that’s just weird because in the White House memo at the time of the trip, the White House doctor said the president did not undergo any specialized cardiac or neurological evaluations — again, no specifics on what tests he received.”

Jackson then claimed that Democrats are focusing on Trump’s health to draw attention away from former Vice President Joe Biden’s physical state. The Republican argued, “They’re trying to defer and distract from the obvious mental, physical and cognitive issues with former Vice President Joe Biden — who is now their nominee for president. They’re in trouble, and they’re trying to fix it.”

Keillar, in response, dismissed Jackson as “a physician diagnosing Joe Biden with a cognitive problem without being Joe Biden’s physician.” And the CNN host went on to discuss Jackson’s claims that Trump is in “excellent physical condition.”

“The president is clinically obese,” Keillar noted. “He is not in excellent physical condition. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta reported, in 2018, that the president has a common form of heart disease, easy to address, if he increases the dose of his cholesterol medication and makes lifestyle changes.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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