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Brianna Keilar Calls Tucker Carlson ‘a Propagandist, a Liar and Parasite’

During Friday’s broadcast of “Newsroom,” CNN anchor Brianna Keilar slammed Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his criticisms of her…

Carl Anthony 3 Min Read

Ex-Trump Physician Claims Trump Is ‘In Excellent Physical Condition, CNN Host Quickly Fact-Checks Him

Ronny Jackson, Donald Trump's former physician who is now running for a seat in Congress, released a video this week…

Carl Anthony 3 Min Read

CNN Host Explains Why She’ll Continue To Call Out Trump Advisers: ‘You Can’t Just Ignore BS — You Have To Shovel It’

CNN’s Brianna Keilar clashed with Trump campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp on Tuesday, fact-checking her assertions that mail-in voting can…

Carl Anthony 1 Min Read

‘You’re Saying A Bunch Of Crap!’: CNN Host Tears Down Trump Adviser Over Lies About Mail-In Voting

CNN’s Brianna Keilar took on Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp over the campaign's lies about mail-in voting. During her appearance…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

CNN Host Shuts Down Trump Spokesman For Spewing Lies About Testing And Blaming Obama For Disastrous Pandemic Response

CNN host Brianna Keilar did not allow Donald Trump's campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, to spew lies during their interview…

Carl Anthony 1 Min Read
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