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Trump Spokesman Gets Grilled Over Hypocritical Attack On Joe Biden’s Mental Health



Appearing on CNN, Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley tried to claim that it was irresponsible for someone to claim that Donald Trump suffered a series of mini strokes without basis. But host Jim Sciutto called him out on his hypocrisy and noted that Donald Trump and his people are constantly attacking Joe Biden’s health without any sort of proof.

Sciutto started the segment asking the Trump spokesman if the White House had released any records of Trump’s 2019 visit to Walter Reed.

Gidley then switched to attack mode and claimed it was “dangerous” for a CNN commentator to claim that the president had a stroke. “Could you imagine if one of our people had said something similar about Barack Obama?” he asked.

That’s when Sciutto fired back. “You say that every day about Joe Biden!”

“Your campaign and the president everyday are saying Joe Biden has health issues with or without basis.”

Take a look at the full conversation below:

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